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Retailer XL - Cadillac Products Packaging Company

The RETAILER XL™ is 100% recyclable into new pallets or other products, and it can be manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials. Cadillac Products Packaging Company is committed to customer satisfaction by providing parts and providing supportive services which, without exception, meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers.

Lightweight Plastic Pallets by iGPS Reduce Shipping Weight

In spite of their lighter weight, plastic pallets are significantly more robust than either stringer pallets or wood block pallets. Evenly distributed, an iGPS plastic pallet can support up to 30,000 pounds of static load, 5,000 pounds of dynamic load, and 2,800 pounds in a warehouse racking system.

Plastic Pallets, Poly Drip Deck & Poly Spill Containment ...

So store your drums on PIG plastic pallets or decks to catch nasty liquids before they do any damage (or subject you to fines); they’re guaranteed not to fail and don’t require babysitting. Use a Pallet when compliance is a must (they’ve got larger sumps), and a Poly Spill Deck for smaller containers or non-haz waste.

Pallets - From Stock or Custom Build | Nelson Company

Pallets play a key role in transporting and storing nearly every consumer and industrial good you can imagine. Manufacturers use them for parts. Warehouses stack pallets of inventory on floors or store them in racks. Big box stores use them to display products in retail settings. Freighters are moving pallets of merchandise to customers every day.

Plastic Pallets Guide, Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

There are several types of plastic pallets, including most commonly drum, export, display plastic pallets, spill control plastic pallets, hygienic, RFID pallets, anti-static, shipping pallets, and transport plastic pallets. Each takes on a different application. Design-wise, there are differences between those which are stackable or rackable.

Plastic Pallets | Plastic pallets Supplier | Quebec - Canada

Plastic Pallets Benefits. Eco-friendly as plastic is 100% recyclable. Hygienic, sanitary and washable. No growth/spread of bacteria and fungus. Space optimisation (stackable, nestable and rackable) Reduced shipping costs because of its lighter weight (30-35% lighter than wood pallets) Safer and easier to handle (no nails, no splinters, no sharp ...

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good antistatic plastic pallet retailer